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Dreamer (Rikku!gen, G, 143 words)

(143 words, Rikku!gen, G)
For the 'rest' challenge.

Rikku is a dreamer. Oh yes, she’s a do-er as well, springing from one activity to another without waiting to think about it, but she finds herself dreaming more things than she can keep up with. And not just daydreams.

The second they get a chance to rest, she seems to be asleep instantly, spinning through more dreams than she can remember when she awakes. Dreams about teaching Auron to be a little more friendly, proving to Wakka that the Al Bhed are alright, getting Tidus to teach her Blitzball because Brother’s had enough of her lack of co-ordination. Saving Yunie. Defeating Sin.

More ideas than she knows what to do with. One after another, they all become less and less likely, until one night, in Zanakand, she finds herself lying awake, staring at the stars, and unable to dream a single thing.
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