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Hi, everyone!
Um - Al's been threatening me to post and such for a while. And even though I'm only at Bevelle (#*@$ing EVRAE!!!), I thought I'd give it a shot. It's under 500, and it's a piece of crap, but ... here you go. What if... Yuna's first sending wasn't at Kilika, but much earlier?

"People die, and Yuna dances..."

Lying in her bed in the Rin Travel Agency's Guadosalam branch, arms folded over her chest, Yuna found her mind flooded with everything she'd seen ...

Sin's attack on Kilika ...

Hundreds - maybe thousands of lives lost at the Djose Highroad, during Operation Mi'hen ...

And now, this newest development, a sphere resting nestled in her sack at the foot of her bed. She was afraid to view it until they'd left Guadosalam, but when she had found it nestled behind Lord Jyscal's portrait in the great hall of the Guado palace ...

Her thoughts were interrupted by a knock at the door. Clearing her throat, Yuna sat up in bed, pulling the blankets up to her waist, only to see that it was Lulu who glided into the room, her skirt swishing as the fur trim brushed the floorboards.


"Lulu, why aren't you asleep?"

"I ..." She shrugged it away. "I was just thinking. You?"

"The same."

The mage tilted her head. "What about?"

"... sendings," Yuna confessed. "Too many of them ... I want them to end."

"So do I," Lulu said quietly. "But I'm glad that you still send... I know how hard it was for you to start..."

"...every time I send someone," Yuna whispered, closing her eyes, "I can't help but think of it ... that's why ... that's why I want it to end. So I can let him go."

Leaning over the bed, Lulu gave her best-friend and charge a hug, sighing. "I know, Yuna ... that's why we want it to end, too."

"I thought you spoke to---"

"I did," Lulu answered, cutting her off. "And I did try to let Chappu go. But Yuna - it wasn't possible. Just as possible as I'm sure it was to let Lord Braska go."

Yuna nodded silently, allowing her friend a rare sight - a frown.

"But don't worry," Lulu said, getting to her feet. "... Chappu said to tell you that he was honored ... to be your first sending."
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