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Free Week Challenge

I have no idea what I was thinking with this one. O_o I don't think it worked out as well as "The Faithful" or "Mea Culpa," but it was fun writing about young Tidus and Auron.

by melusine

Tidus sat down next to Auron on the pier, swinging his short legs back and forth. He wasn't sure what to make of him yet, after all he knew his old man and anyone his old man was friends with had to be a jerk. But, Auron seemed nice enough. He was kinda quiet and . . . stern was the word his mom used. Whatever that meant. But stern seemed like an Auron-ish word, so it worked okay. "They say there's ghosts here," he said as bravely as only a seven-year-old with a night-light could. He had to be tough. After all, he was man of the house now that Jecht was gone. He felt good for thinking of his old man as Jecht. He spit in the water as he had seen his old man do when he was boasting.

"There are?"

"Yeah, except that you don't know they're ghosts until later." Tidus paused. "Like, they're not weird until you talk to them or really look at them. Then they disappear and you don't know where they went or why or . . .they're weird."

"Ghosts," Auron said the word strangely, like he was trying to place it to something familiar.

"I saw one once. A kid like me, except that he dressed really weird and didn't talk. He wore a . . .a hood and some stupid shovel things on a belt. And Mom saw one at the hospital when I was born. She said that there was this sad lady in blue that walked around the cribs until one of the nurses came in and then the lady was gone. There's more ghosts. Grandpa got me a book of ghost pictures before Mom took it away. I just had one nightmare." The young boy glared sidelong at Auron, as if daring him to dispute him. "I guess they sing. Like mm-hm-hm-hmmmm. . .something. My old man used to sing it all the time. Someone said they heard that someone saw him for a second a week before you came. Like, just one second before he disappeared again. Then you came out of nowhere." Tidus stopped swinging his legs back and forth. "You're not a ghost, are you?"

Auron chuckled. "No."

"So you won't disappear?"

"Not until I have to."
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