dancing_moth (dancing_moth) wrote in ffx500,

Untitled (Yuna)

For the night challenge.

Untitled, Yuna, G, 123 words.


The fire crackled and popped, vermilion tongues of flame reaching up toward the fathomless star-stabbed sky.  Yuna stared down at her hands, which fluttered like injured birds in her lap.  She quieted them, arranging the fingers just so. 

            “Sometimes I wonder…” she said, softly, without looking up.  “I wonder if a summoner can Send herself.”  It would be so easy, to follow the souls she Sent into that haven of light, to forget the pain of this world.  Wakka shifted uncomfortably, and Auron’s lips thinned into a hard line.

            “I think it’s time to go to bed,” he said, and she did, laying down obediently as always, when what she really wanted to do was scream, and cry, and run off into the night. 


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